Shifting in Uncertainty

Shifting in Uncertainty

Today, as I was grappling with many emotions, mainly sadness at injustice and disparity, but also my own internal voice shouting “it’s not fair”. This, after I phoned an elderly retired gentleman, who assists me once a week in a public garden, said that he was in a difficult place and struggling. He was hungry and that if he could eat “a half bread’ everyday he would be fine.

I reeled at the thought – I had offered to pay him during lockdown and he chose to be paid at month end. He still had 10 days to go, his money finished. I asked why he didn’t phone me, he said I may be angry. . .

How have we got to this place, I wondered? COVID-19? Or is it deeply embedded in so much more? While grappling with this difficult space, tears flowing and emotions running amok; I eventually came to a quiet space. I went, in my imagination, to a still pond I normally frequent to clear my mind. . . As nature enveloped me, some clarity emerged.

To make the difference we want to see in the world, we need to shift gear.


Start by Accepting what is, exactly as it is in this moment. This isn’t easy, but brings some relief and calm. Often we resist, by trying to change things to make it “right”. This leads to frustration, anger, depression and a sense of hopelessness. This goes deeper; the constant need to change aspects of others or ourselves, to conform or fit a picture of what should be. Accepting that in this moment, it is as it is. This leaves us free to make new choices going forward.

At present, with so much confronting us on a daily basis, in the news or social media, it’s easy to react to what is happening. By shifting from being sucked into the vortex of stuff, to being the observer with curiosity and acceptance. You can start to view the situation with more perspective. This does not mean being passive, as you can still take action, but from this position, you do it with more clarity. Being in the present and in acceptance, helps to ease the anxiety and insecurity of the global uncertainty.


During times of uncertainty it is easy to wonder why people are motivated to act in a certain way, and then to judge it. We all live different realities, given the journey we have experienced so far. It is the lens through which we see the world that influences, how we respond or react to different circumstances. In times of uncertainty we often feel lost, our emotions run high as we try to find new anchors to stabilize ourselves. In doing so we revert to old coping mechanisms which to others may seem irrational or even crazy. Please, therefore, be extra tolerant at this time before you judge another. Try to offer them some understanding and compassion, no matter how difficult or irrational it may seem. Observing kindness, with non-judgement, can go a long way to making a better world for all

Embracing Polarities

Good/bad, right/wrong, dark/light, rich/poor, certainty/uncertainty; these polarities seem to be so highlighted at the moment. Our inclination is to wish for only what seemingly looks positive. The truth is it is not possible to have the one without the other, they are interdependent. Without the one, we would not recognize the other, and the other would not exist. The polarities are what creates the whole or oneness. How does this play out in our lives? We expend energy on vacillating between what is perceived to be
the “better” of the polarity and rejecting the other. When we concede that both are part of the whole, the allowing and embracing frees our energy to flow.

Some of my clients who have experienced trauma, that is perpetrated by another human being, often ask how is it possible one human can do this to another? The truth is we all have the capacity, given extreme circumstances, to behave in inhumane ways as we have both polarities within us. Allowing ONENESS, shifts our relationship with ourselves and each other.

Sing your Song – Be Authentic

The deep realization that we are ONE, human after all, with all our perceived flaws and greatness; gives us the freedom to step up, step out and sing our song. It’s been beautiful to see people taking the courage to do this, show their talents, their gifts, their offerings and creativity to the world. This coming from the heart and soul, and not from the place of ego and what could be gained from the offering. This time has given individuals the latitude to be vulnerable, to experiment without judgement and expose their authenticity and greatness without fear. How different the world will look if the focus became nurturing and nourishing the authentic one? Then each could Sing their Song and share their gifts with the world.

This time of uncertainty, is giving humans an opportunity to reflect and shift gear. If we do it consciously, the ripple effect could be the catalyst for an enormous shift towards making the difference we want to see in the world.

Love and blessings to you all,
Moira Xx

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