Thank you again for a lovely experience at Arderne Gardens, we all enjoyed it very much, and some quiet and reflective time is so good for us.


I will definitely take what I learnt today into my daily life but also into my practice as a counsellor. Thank you for the relaxing experience.


Working with Moira was a gift to my life that came about through an unexpected traumatic event that occurred. I truly believe our paths cross with people for a reason & mine was most definitely purposeful. Working with Moira empowered me to move through some painful experiences & also gave me the space & power to dislodge myself from things in my life that were holding me back. Fear became Forwards – moving forwards. My coaching experience connecting in nature was amazing & I found it extremely cleansing, peaceful and empowering all at the same time. My path began & my journey continues. Thank you for allowing me this space to express myself and thank you for everything you did for me Moira.


The walk on Saturday was absolutely amazing! You opened up my mind, my heart and my understanding. Thank you so much, nature is healing.


My sessions with Moira were so wonderful and cathartic, and I’m so glad I decided to have them in Kirstenbsoch. I was a bit worried at first that not having four walls around me would feel like a big adjustment as a therapy setting, but it actually felt so natural to do emotional work in nature. I felt so held and supported by the natural world around me, as well as by Moira’s listening and guidance. I was reminded how healing the natural world is, and how we can always choose to access this loving energy. And I loved that animal energies came into play too, bringing messages I needed to hear. It also felt significant to do inner child work in a place where I used to play and spend a lot of time as a child, near the streams and trees in Kirstenbosch. Thank you, Moira, for such a beautiful and healing experience.