Coaching in Nature Course

Teaches methods to manage self-limiting beliefs, fears and  challenges that prevent individuals from maximising their potential both as individuals and as members of an organisation. The primary focus is on the above but it can also incorporate aspects relevant to the organisation such as the prevention of burnout, dealing with trauma, anger or conflict.

The course also incorporates practical tools to de-stress, including mindfulness and setting goals. This consists of 4 x 2 hourly sessions completed over 4 weeks which allows for integration between sessions. It can however be adapted to run consecutively over 4 days which could be useful for Corporates/NGOs or International Visitors.

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Mindfulness walks in nature

Mindful walking in nature is an easy and interesting way of learning how to De-stress and improve the quality of your health and well-being. It has many physical and emotional benefits such as reducing your heart rate and blood pressure which results in relaxation and often leads to being able to find clarity and new perspective.

It is like a walking meditation in that we walk at a slower pace and bring consciousness to your body, breath and senses.  The benefit of this is that you begin to see nature in a new way as, so often in our rush to get to the top of the hill, we hardly notice what we pass on the way!

For International and local visitors this is a unique way to explore the treasures that the mountain has to offer. While doing mindfulness walks I will provide you with practical skills to incorporate in your life to help you improve your well-being.

The sessions I conduct are normally in the forest on the periphery of Kirstenbosch and on request can conduct these sessions in other natural spaces. The sessions are usually 2 hours long.

I do however conduct private sessions for individuals or groups. Group sessions are ideal for Corporates and NGOs to use as part of Wellness Programme or as a part of a unique end of year function.

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