Mental Wellbeing in Workplace

Transforming People and Workplaces

Employer and employee are interdependent elements that create the success of an organisation. ‘

Moira Burmeister offers an integrated approach to specifically manage Mental Health issues in an organization. As a Specialist Trauma Counsellor and Life & Leadership Coach with years of experience as an Occupational health practitioner, all aspects of mental wellbeing and the workplace are considered when working with my clients.

I offer:

  • Trauma counselling to Individuals and Groups
  • Grief Counselling
  • Emotional Support relating to ill-health issues resulting from COVID, TB, HIV and chronic illness such as diabetes.
  • Relationship Coaching to manage issues impacting personal and work life.

Leadership Coaching: specifically to address stress, anxiety, trauma and other issues impacting overall mental well-being and therefore leadership capacity.

Leadership Online Training:  to enhance leaders’ personal mental well-being so that they can lead more effectively and facilitate a space that nurtures the mental well-being of their teams.

Consultation to organizations: to create work environments that nurture mental health / well-being.

Sessions can be arranged face-to-face (with strict COVID measures in place) or online Whatsapp video, Zoom or MS Teams. Individual sessions normally last an hour and Group sessions an hour and a half depending on the complexity of the issue.

About Moira Burmeister

(BA Hons Psychology, BA Nursing, 3yr Dipl. Counselling / Coaching/ Leadership, Specialist Trauma certification, Dip. Nursing/Midwifery)I have 30+ years of experience working on all levels of health and well-being. This includes physical, mental and psycho-social. I have managed Occupational Health Clinics, Coached and Counselled people from diverse backgrounds and settings. My experience in trauma counselling has come from managing / volunteering at the Trauma (VEP) Room at the Rondebosch Police Station, and assisting Corporates and NGO’S to emotionally support individuals that have experienced traumatic incidents.

Affiliations: Counselling Practice No CO989, COMENSA, SANC, SASHON, IAPP.