Life and Inner Leadership Coaching

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Inner Leadership Coaching

authenticity • empathy • wellbeing

Are you yearning to break out and be the leader you truly know yourself to be?
Is something, holding you back?

Then you’ve come to the right place….

Hi, I’m Moira an Inner leadership Coach for Women Leaders in Business and Organisations wanting to lead with Authenticity, Empathy and enjoy a sense of Balance and Wellbeing.

I believe that everyone has the capacity to lead, that you are
whole, complete and empowered
there is nothing lacking, just old patterns that keep you from fully being you.

My role as an Inner Leadership Coach is therefore to work with you, to connect to your unique, inner wisdom and leadership style.

I offer an integrated, innovative and practical approach to assist you, to shift and transform so that you can lead with confidence and make an impact on others.