Moira Burmeister is a holistic life coach and counsellor offering individual or small group sessions in or out of nature.

My wish for each and every client is that we work together to seek innovative ways for you to find the transformation you desire.

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Why Coaching in Nature?

Being in Nature…
is relaxing, calming, harmonising and restorative. This helps you to reconnect to yourself and ultimately to others. The metaphors in nature help the coaching process as they broaden your vision to  ‘see’ a different perspective providing a possibility to make new choices, to shift and transform.

Research indicates nature improves your health and wellbeing. There is the added bonus of gifts that nature provides along the way, which lift your spirit! These extra dimensions make Coaching in Nature the unique experience it is, I invite you to try it for yourself………

‘In every walk with nature one receives more than one seeks.’ John Muir

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