Tips to Manage Times of Uncertainty

A week ago, I was sitting surrounded by the calm of nature, the birds singing, the cool breeze on my skin and the stream flowing gently. It was difficult to imagine the other reality, the fear, anxiety and panic that these uncertain times are evoking. Being in nature gave me a sense of perspective, what are we collectively being asked to do at this time?

Slow down, Notice, Breathe, Surrender and Rest

Slow down

By entering a phase of having to stay at home, it’s about slowing down. Up until now our lives haves been so busy rushing backwards and forwards doing, this is the perfect opportunity to just be. Having to stay in one place is forcing us to slow down. For many this will take some adjustment and maybe feel uncomfortable. We have two choices:

  1. We can resist what’s happening (which could cause stress and anxiety)
  2. OR we can breathe into the discomfort and notice how we feel.


Are you in fear, panic, overwhelm, stressed, irritable, angry, feel out of control or calm, indifferent or detached? These are all normal responses to an unusual situation. Every person will respond to this global phenomena in a different way. There is no right way, wrong way, good or bad way. Just acknowledge how you are feeling and that in itself helps. Please don’t judge others for how they are feeling, just be there for them. We all respond differently as we are evolving in our own unique way. Each person has their own personal journey that has got them to the point they are in life. Often we feel we must change or fix it, just allow them to be, with love.

Be in the present

When you slow down you may notice that a lot of the stress and anxiety is about the unknown, the future. In reality there is a lot we don’t know. We do know globally, we are going through a transition and that our lives will never be the same. We also know that there are a lot of amazing, beautiful things happening not only to the planet but also the manner in which humanity is treating each other. So we have choices, we can stress about something we have no control over or we can bring ourselves into the present, which will make you feel more comfortable.

To Do

Exercise 1

Look around you right now, and say ”even though the situation may not be ideal, right now, everything is okay and right now I’m okay” (because you are). Now breathe……..

Saying this brings you into a state of ease and allows you to calm down. It also brings you into the present, allowing you to move away from all the chatter in your head including the worrying, stress and anxiety. Try the next exercise too, it will also bring you into the present.

Exercise 2

We can use our senses to negate the chatter. Take a deep breathe in and breathe out through your mouth right down into your soft belly – repeat 3x.

Now become aware of the sounds around you, listen for the birds too;
then turn you attention to what you can smell, taste, see, then lightly touch your fingertips, finally take another deep breath in and exhale out. Notice the difference. This you can do anytime of the day.

Pause, breathe and sense.


Surrender to what is happening in your life at the moment, with no judgement, just acceptance. Allowing it makes it easier to let go and not be fixed on an outcome. In uncertain times, we try to hold on to the known to keep us feeling safe. Sometimes this can result in placing limitations on our lives, which are counter productive. The more we open to the concept that anything is possible, the greater our lives expand. This is probably one of the biggest lessons we are learning at the moment. We are not in control and never have been. Something much greater is happening in the world. The global shift is not coincidental, it’s here to not only to heal the planet, but ourselves. It is therefore vitally important that we use this time wisely and without resistance.


To assist the process be kind, gentle and considerate starting with yourself.
As they instruct you to do in an emergency, in a plane. Put the oxygen mask on yourself FIRST, then help the other passengers. This is particularly important with the Covid-19 virus. There is no point in expending all your energy on others and forgetting to look after yourself. Your health and well-being is vital. For some tips on how to do this, click on this link to view previous blogs I have written on the subject. All are relevant at this time.

Rest / Play / Reconnect

Although some of you may be working remotely from home under extreme circumstances, with children running around. Rest and play may seem far from reach. This time though, is a perfect opportunity to be creative, experimenting with new ways of doing things. Lighten up, be playful in your approach, whether in work or relating to loved ones. Disconnect from technology and rekindle relationships. My favorite at the moment is having a picnic supper on the lounge floor or the garden and sharing stories. Find time to take a breather for you (even if it’s only 5 or 10 minutes a day); whether just to be, meditate or have quiet time. This will help you to reflect, find what’s important to you, let go of what is not and reset going forward.

There is no doubt that these uncertain times are challenging but they can also be an opportunity to do things differently. I hope, in taking time to slow down, notice, surrender and rest; that this brings you to a more comfortable space in the present.

Love and blessings to you all, Moira Xx

Note: If you find yourself overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, panic or fear. I am offering online Life Coaching and Counselling. Please share if there is anyone you know who may need assistance at this time.

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