What I do

I create unique garden spaces primarily to suit you and your needs, including enhancing your well-being. This could be in your home, an office, Corporate/NGO, school or memorial garden.


About Moira’s Gardens

I have been creating gardens / special spaces in and around Cape Town for 18 years. The type of gardens have extended from private homes, offices, commercial spaces, schools, memorial gardens and much more. At present, in addition to installing special spaces, I am the consulting landscaper to Rondebosch High School and voluntarily supervise the gardening at the Rondebosch Park and Rondebosch Police Station.

My philosophy in designing gardens is to work with you / your organisation to create a space that is unique, meets your requirements and at the same time being mindful that all natural spaces enhance the well-being of those who interact with the space. I love to create hubs / spaces that attract birds, butterflies, bees are easy to maintain and are water-wise.

In choosing the plant material for the spaces, I personally hand pick every plant at the supplier, to ensure quality i.e. that the form is right and that it is disease free. The suppliers that I use are all reliable and grow plants specifically to suit our climatic needs.

My landscaping business has been through many phases from growing, to being overwhelmed by having so many clients who all wanted a share of my time and expertise. A few years ago I made a conscious choice to do what I love best and that is to do one garden at a time and really allow the passion, time and attention that the installation of a garden space deserves!

My team are all reliable persons who I have personally trained. I hope I can be of assistance to you or your organisation.