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Date/Time: 13/03/2021

Location: Kirstenbosch Gardens


Need some time / space to just BE ?
Spoil yourself with a MINDFUL WALK IN NATURE

and feed your soul with the delights of nature.

WHEN: 13 March 2021
TIME: 8.45 – 11h00
WHERE: Kirstenbosch Gardens

INVESTMENT: *R275 incl. garden entrance ( R 75)

SPECIAL: The first 4 people that book, will get garden entrance free
NB: Due to COVID regulations, number will be limited to 10.
A mindful walk is about slowing your pace, connecting to nature using all your senses. This brings you into the present, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and having a sense of clarity. Your well-being is enhanced as your blood pressure drops, your stress levels balance and the negative ions of nature harmonize your body. In Japan they call it forest bathing.



Author: Moira Burmeister

Moira Burmeister is a Life Coach / Counsellor enabling individuals to make shifts happen! To get in touch with Moira, you can email moira@moiraburmeister.co.za.

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