Inspiration from Nature for 2017

Connecting to nature on my glorious holiday brought some inspiration for 2017. To celebrate the start of the year, my new website and my resolution to start blogging I thought I’d share some of my insights with you.

Being Present…

I had a lot of time just sitting and watching the sea and the birds, without a care in the world or thinking too deeply and it suddenly dawned on me, that’s’ why we feel so refreshed after a holiday, because we are so much more present to everything. For me it was also an opportunity to connect deeper to the rhythms and patterns of the nature.

What struck me about the sea was how dynamic it is, absolutely calm and peaceful one day and then develops into huge powerful waves the next. It was a reminder of the paradox in nature and humans and that if we use this with awareness we can be adaptable and flexible and therefore have also the ability to expand and change if we choose.

It is our resistance to being in a constant state of change that often causes us to think ‘small’ and leads to stress and anxiety. The trick then is to be in a state of flow and movement rather than struggling our way through life.

This was so evident when I watched the birds continually moving effortlessly from one place to another. Waking up in the morning and doing what birds do, just following their instinct like the pair of sparrows who had prepared a nest. The male was spending his day finding food to nourish his wife while she sat on the eggs not only were they doing things in flow they were also working together as a team to provide for their future offspring.

This set me off thinking about relationships and how if we worked collaboratively, respectfully and with kindness how different our world might look. What also struck me about the birds was how trusting they are, that there is material to make the nest, food to eat and never doubting or fretting that there will be sufficient.

What this trust is, is cultivating a knowing that there is an abundance of everything and really becoming aware of it in our lives.

I have to say I have often grappled with this concept as you can look at the vast ocean and appreciate there is a huge volume of water and then think of our water shortage at the moment and try and fathom the concept, confusing and maybe for some contradictory.

Without getting into a debate about this, why not use this year to explore abundance using nature as a point of reference through the seasons and see what YOU conclude. What I do know about abundance is that it comes in many forms and one of the ways to connect to it is though developing a sense of gratitude. Start to create an awareness of abundance by noticing the wonderful things in your life that you take for granted and see how much richer you feel in your life!

On that note may you all have a blessed 2017 and enjoy the tips below:

Tips for Inspiration in 2017

1. Be present
2. Connect to nature
3. Develop an awareness of self the peace/ calm within and the immense power that is you
4. Be kind to self and others
5. Nourish yourself daily
6. Be flexible, adaptable and willing to look at everything from a different perspective.
7. Move physically for at least 30 mins everyday
8. Work collaboratively, peacefully and respectfully in all relationships.
9. Set intentions for what you desire in life.
10. Acknowledge the abundance in your life, develop a sense of gratitude..


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